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Graco Sarah Crib

Graco Sarah Crib Great Crib Choice
Graco Sarah Crib
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Graco Sarah Crib
For parents, finding the right baby crib can be very challenging. In fact, to many, a baby crib is one of the biggest purchases of their lives. It is the most defining furniture inside the nursery and it is where your child will be spending a huge portion of his or her baby life. And because most baby cribs are now designed to easily convert into a kid-sized bed, a good crib would prove to be useful for the next 6 to 10 years.

Babies are fragile which means the first thing that you have to consider when buying cribs is safety. And that is where the Graco Sarah Crib comes in. This amazing crib comes in a convertible sleigh design. Despite the crib’s exquisite make, it is highly inexpensive and you even get a free baby mattress thrown in. if you want a crib that has the amenities and look of a $500 crib at a price that’s even less than 50% off, you are looking for the Graco Sarah Crib.

The Graco Sarah Crib is actually a 4-in-1 crib that lets you convert it into a day bed for the toddler, perfect right at the moment when your baby grows to be too tall to be left inside the crib. After a few more years, the crib can actually be used as a full-sized headboard. When it comes to durability, unlike other cribs that use wooden planks as bed support, the Graco Sarah 4-in-1 crib uses a steel frame fortified with mesh and made more comfortable with spring.

For versatility, Graco Sarah Crib has 3 height adjustments so that you can lower the bed as the baby gets bigger. For extra safety reasons, the crib has been designed without a drop side. Yet, neither is it too low it makes lifting the baby out of the crib hard.

The Graco Sarah crib is available in 4 colors – espresso, cinnamon, cherry, and white. Because of its design, the crib fits elegantly in any room setting. The Graco Sarah crib is one of the most sought after cribs nowadays, not only because of its affordable price but also due to its amazing design and versatility. If you are looking for the perfect kid for your baby, very few can match the amenities that Graco Sarah cribs can provide.

Dimension: 6.8 X 30 X 54.2 inches (white)
Weight: 47.7 pounds (white)

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Graco Sarah Crib - Espresso

Graco Sarah Crib - Cherry

Graco Sarah Crib - Cinnamon

Graco Sarah Crib - White

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